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Charter for the Bonds of Brotherhood Program

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رباط الأخوة

Executive Summary

Mission Statement

The Bonds of Brotherhood Organization moves the Muslim community forward to successfully establishing Islam by managing lifetime success for Converts, and promoting responsible involvement among community members.


  • To achieve a 100% retention rate of Converts within the Muslim community
  • To achieve lifelong stability and growth for Converts
  • To open the door of opportunity for Converts to become Community Benefactors
  • To acquire community commitment to the Success of Converts
  • To build a Community of Mumineen with similar function to that of Medinat al-Munawwara
  • To replace the culture of selfishness and thoughtlessness with one of Cooperation and Shared Sacrifice

Foundational Beliefs

Most colonist Muslims have motives that do not objectify Islam.  They have mostly come to escape various problems in their collapsing homelands.  They lack the commitment and the ability to properly establish Islam in America.

Converts must be thought of as a slightly different demographic than the colonist Muslims.  Most converts are committed to the establishment of Islam.  They are unadulterated by the centuries of negligence and political strife that the colonist communities are plagued with.  They are held-apart by the differences in culture, education, and life experience.  As America is their native society, they are more adept at identifying problems, and could provide critical solutions.

The existing establishment of most communities is barring American entry to Islam.  The lack of support within the communities drives most converts back out of the community, or hinders their growth.

The establishment of Islam in America is in emergency status.  Without making proper adjustment to the objectives and methods of the communities, Islam will suffer a total loss within 2 generations.  The situation requires immediate attention.

Services Provided by Bonds of Brotherhood

1)      Proper Follow-up with Recent Converts

  • Most Masajid currently have no program for follow-up with new converts.  Without proper follow-up, the convert will have absolutely no idea what they are supposed to do next.

2)     Life-cycle Management for Converts

  • A human is a complex being, with a variety of needs, both internally and socially
  • Converts are largely deprived of their native society.  Hence, all systems that depend on social attachment will be unstable, causing a mixture of difficulties which may be unsustainable for the convert !
  • Live-cycle management is the idea that the community must ensure that the convert reaches stability at each critical juncture in life:  acceptance of Islam, education/employment/business, marriage, community involvement, home-ownership, planning for old-age.  This must be achieved through careful planning, and capital management.

3)     Education about the Responsibilities of Brotherhood and the Objectives of Community

  • Brotherhood is one of the identifying characteristics of Rasulullah and Sahabah
  • Brotherhood in Islam is not just theoretical, or something existing only in name and verbiage.  It is a practical part of Islam, of Shari’a, of Iman, that requires actual application.
  • The Bonds of Brotherhood Program seeks to implement the principles and practices of Medina during the lifetime of Rasulullah and the Sahaba

4)     An environment in which the Convert is safe from the “Awhaal of the Ummah”

  • Living among Muslims is a battle.  Ignorance, negligence, and laziness are all contagious diseases that affect people through companionship, and the communities are built on such ill foundation.
  • The Convert will be bombarded with propaganda of those who have political motives, or those who have the nationalistic concerns of their homeland, or those who are ignorant of Islam.
  • The Convert will need both an environment in which his/her understanding of Islam is safe to grow, AND a support system that will provide that which Islam calls for in terms of human growth and security.
  • The Bonds of Brotherhood Program seeks to build a network of Brothers/Sisters who are good companions for the Converts to Islam.  The Program seeks to build and educate a network of knowledgeable people where the Convert can seek companionship or answers to questions.  The Program seeks to build a network of understanding businessmen who can offer temporary employment in times of hardship, or business opportunity to help a convert attain independence.

Organizational and Management Strategy

A 3-tier organizational structure is recommended.  The tiers are:

1)       Administrator

2)       Group of Volunteers

3)       Client (the Convert)

The Administrator must organize and educate Groups of Volunteers, in each Masjid.  The Groups must then be networked in such a way that they have contact between them, and can share resources if necessary to achieve Program Objectives.

As the Program grows, the most adept and committed Volunteers can then be appointed as Administrators.

Funding Acquisition Strategy

As with any Social Needs organization, The Bonds of Brotherhood will require voluntary financial support from community members.  The details of funding acquisition will need to be continually developed.  Muslims are encouraged to cut Israf from their personal and communal spending, and devote such funds to the needs of the local Muslim Community.

Marketing Strategy

As needed, the marketing of the organization may include:

  • Public Lectures, Gatherings, and Announcements
  • Printed hand-outs, Posters, etc.
  • Digital Connectivity
  • Propagation Through Volunteers

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