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Why is it Required to Have a Special Focus on Converts ?

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I once asked a Mufti if Converts had any special rights, and he firmly stated “No.  All Muslims enjoy the same rights and responsibilities.”

As my dear elders have taught, hero worship is despised in Islam.  So, I also abhor the notion of some “celebrity” entering Islam and becoming the talk of the town, as well as a convert entering Islam, becoming a “celebrity” speaker, and thereby setting himself and others up for hero worship !  Such people do harm to themselves, and those who follow such nonsense are typically fools who have no real objective in life.  And, as likely as not, the “hero” is actually misled in his/her understanding of Islam anyway, so…

The issue of “Special Focus” on Converts is not actually any “special focus”;  it’s the fact that the communities set up by the colonist Muslims HAVE NO FOCUS.  They are a people who lost Islam hundreds of years ago.  When a convert leaves his people to enter Islam, he/she must then cope with the ignorance of the old “muslims”, the disorganized way they do things, the unIslamic ways of their thinking and living, and the topsy-turvy way their communities are established.

The convert is actually NOT special, and none I’ve ever known want to be treated as “special”.  What is special is the circumstance in which they must exist !  The convert is forever barred from the normal companionship and social support systems of his native people !  This is a DAMN special circumstance for a human being to live in !  My intent of using such language is to draw attention to the severity of such circumstances.

90% of those who make the Shahada of Tawheed don’t make it any further.  Why?  Because no one in the community has taken the task of paying attention !  From those who stay past Shahada, at least half will drop out within a few months.  Why?  Because they will encounter 2 things:

  1. Muslims are ignorant
  2. Muslims don’t think and behave as Brothers and Sisters

I knew a converted man here who absolutely loved reading the Book of Allah ta’ala after he embraced Islam.  Once, his means of employment was terminated, and he took a job for $5 /hour working a convenience store in a VERY ROUGH part of town.  This was a neighborhood where the store owner had been shot, and his brother had shot and killed two men in separate incidents.  This all happened over a span of about 3 years.

One day after Jumu’a, I asked ‘Ali (his original name was Red ) why he was working such a job.  He told me he had to work, and that at least this job allowed him time to read Qur’an at night, when business slowed down.  Within 1 month, he was dead, rahmatullah ‘alayhi.  His killers waited for him to until late at night, and killed him shortly before it was time to go home.

How was this tragedy worth it?  The Muslims could have easily paid him $5 per hour to sit and read Qur’an until Allah ta’ala provided him with a job !  When he died, he left a wife and 2 children whom he had always been the sole provider for !  This incident while the community was raising $750,000 to build a building that sat empty for 10 years after it was completed !  Why?  No Focus !  No Priorities!  Deaf, Dumb, and Blind !

I recently spoke with a young woman who had a curiosity about Islam and had attended the Masjid a couple of times.  I knew her through some family members, and knew her to be a very sweet, humble, bright person.  She told me that both times when she attended the Masjid, the women leered at her as though she were a criminal or a leper who had just perturbed their majestic presence !  Why?  Because Muslims are stupid !  They forgot Islam hundreds of years ago, and no longer have any sense of Islam, how a Muslim behaves, or even what the value of a human being is !

Myself, I’ve waited for 26 years for ANY Imam or board-member to ever say the following words:

“Brother Mustafa.  I recognize that you left your family, friends, and people to enter Islam, and I’m just checking to see if you NEED HELP WITH ANYTHING !  ”  It has not happened 1 time in 26 years.

Enough said ?


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