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A Gift of Honesty for Sajid Abdul Kayum

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My Brother in Islam:

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

I recently read your long-winded complaint regarding the Tabligh effort and its people, titled Advice to Those who Participate in Dawa Along with the Tableeghi Jamaat.  It was disheartening to find so much judgment and criticism coming from someone who has practically no knowledge of the Effort, much less the Deen of Islam.

Rather than going through your many mistaken notions line-by-line, as I have neither the time nor the patience, I will here offer the advice that I consider most relevant in refuting your many wrong assumptions.

Taking either a brief or long and detailed look at the Ummah Muhammadiya, one finds disturbing realities that the Muslims in Tabligh Effort seek to rectify:

  1. A general laziness and lack of zeal for Deen
  2. An ignorance and lack of practice of Sunnah
  3. Iman that has become faasid (corrupted) and even non-existent
  4. That Muslims are dying everyday without Salah and others of the most basic requirements of Deen
  5. That Muslim children are growing-up clueless as to what Islam is or was
  6. That among active Muslims, there is much division and argument based on ignorance and selfishness (hawaa)

Because Ghafla is a contagious disease, the Muslims who do Tabligh effort seek to get the ill Muslim out of the environment that is keeping them sick.  This is a prescription that comes direct from Qur’an and Sunnah.

In their da’wa, which is significantly closer to Sunnah than audio recordings and booklets, they engage in denial of ghayrullah, and Ta’dheem of Allah.  They speak constantly of the shortness of this life, and the Eternity of the Hereafter.  They say that the only Path of Success is the Path of Sunnah, and more than anyone on earth, they implement that Sunnah they know.

Subhan Allah, you accuse them of ignorance, yet I live among 20,000 Muslims whose only Huffaz and Tulab-ul-‘Ilm are the sons and daughters of Brothers in Tabligh !  You say Fadhail-e-Amaal is their “handbook”, then go off on a rant about Fadhail-e-Hajj !  Alhamdulillah, I have been in Tabligh work as often as possible for 26 years, and my personal library includes 5 collections of Tafseer, 4 sets of Seerah, Fath-ul-Bari, Sharh Sahih Muslim of an-Nawawi, and over 100 other books and collections.

You seek to malign the Muslim Brothers for not delving into public discourse of ‘Aqeeda, while you should know that Rasulullah never sat the Sahaba down for any ” ‘Aqeeda 101″ course !  Why?  Because any thoughtful seeker should know that any individual’s perception of the Haqq of Allah ta’ala will be limited or opened based on any of the various aspects of human intellect and experience.  Frequent recitation of the Book of Allah and the study of Rasulullah’s Sunnah will bring the correct ‘Aqeeda, without any need for the hair-splitting which has been prohibited by Rasulullah.  Discussion of ‘Aqeeda has always been the source of division, which was the obvious aim of the mubtada’een who made it their practice !

So, here’s a summary of a day in the life of a Muslim Brother who engages his time in the Sunnah of Tableegh:

  1. Wake up for Tahajjud – a Sunnah
  2. Make Fajr in the Masjid
  3. After Fajr, sit with other Muslims making a Shura for that day’s efforts – a Sunnah and an order of Allah
  4. Spend individual time in Tilawa of Qur’an and dhikr – a Sunnah and order of Allah
  5. Set out seeking a Halal living for the family – a Sunnah and order of Allah
  6. Engage in Shari’a business practices throughout the day, taking time for Salah at its prescribed hour – a Sunnah and order of Allah
  7. Return home to show affection to the family and take a halal meal
  8. Make ta’aleem with the family
  9. Go to the Masjid for Salah and the formation of Jama’a to visit the Muslims who are dying without Iman – full of Sunnah, orders of Allah, and the Priorities of Deen
  10. Return to the masjid for ta’aleem, Salah, tilawa of Qur’an etc.
  11. Return home for family time and rest – Sunnah and orders of Allah

Nowhere in that daily tarteeb is there any visit to the local graveyard to make dua’a to ahl-il-quboor.  In 26 years, I’ve never seen it or heard of it happening !  As for any who seek Tawassul or Tabarruk through the pious, it’s a matter between them and Allah.  If you seek to deny the Qur’an and Ahadeeth on this matter, that’s also between you and Allah.  But again, I’ve never seen anyone in Tableegh praying at graves !  I see them daily making dua’a after every Salah, the dua’at of masjid, the dua’at of majalis, the dua’at of rukub, the dua’at of eating and hamam, and all the dua’at that are Sunnah, as we are taught by our Elders, as our reliance can only be on Allah !

And now for my warning, my Brother in Islam:  should your misguided rantings discourage anyone from participating in any Islamic effort that does as much as Tabligh does to bring Deen into the lives of individuals and communities, You will answer to Allah !  It is doubtful that Allah Subhanahu will be kind to those who seek division, deception, and the setting of obstacles between Muslims and their Deen ! It is far less likely He will show kindness to those who disparage pious Muslims, despite whatever shortcomings they may have !

Look to the diseases of your mind and heart that have brought about such ill conduct.


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