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Muzzling Dawkins the Jackal who Barked the Lie of Violence Against the Religion of Mercy

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To quote the Foul Spinmeister of the Islamophobic Left, Richard Dawkins:

I regard Islam as one of the great evils in the world.

The public’s views of whether Islam is more likely than other religions to encourage violence have changed little in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings.

When there’s been a 12-year blitzkrieg of propaganda from bigots who deliberately associate the violence of individuals and groups who CLAIM the religion with the actual Religion, then what can be expected ?  The real problem is, that such irresponsible behavior will NEVER help society get to the roots of the actual problem.  The deceptions one utters betray a sinister self.

So, deluded bigots like Dawkins, idiots who can’t tell the difference between Nazism and Christianity, or won’t admit that WWII began as a contest between TWO VIOLENT NATIONS OF ATHEISTS, will never do anything but exacerbate the problem, and distract their misguided sectors of society from confronting, and possibly solving, the real problem !  People like Dawkins consider it their duty to bark.  But the doctor that prescribes the medicine before reviewing the patient’s chart ends-up killing the patient !  Such a doctor would be better to stay home with his mouth shut, and all would be obliged to agree.

This is the result when a ZOOLOGIST ventures into such issues as Theology (the Islam of which he knows nothing) and the contemporary Historical Context of the global Muslim society (of which he admits ABSOLUTELY nothing).  He may have dedicated a lifetime to the genetic code of humans, but of HUMANISM, he is a blundering idiot !  Such an idiot would say secularists have a right to maintain their ethos, and then in the next breath say satirizing Islam and Muhammad is my right as well!  So, the ethos of the bigoted atheist is sacred, while the ethos of the Muslim is not worthy of recognition !

Muslims are commanded by Islam not to be offensive toward the deities, books, prophets, or temples of others.  Why?  The Almighty is Wise enough to know that acting atrociously towards someone’s Spiritual Icons causes a deep and permanent wound in their psyches and souls.  It’s an attack that goes beyond a physical assault.  An atheist, of course, may never understand such a thing.  However, there’s an amazing difference of behavior between Glenn Greenwald and the Idols of New Anti-theist-ism. [Yes, that’s a new word, meaning “The Religion of those who hate spiritual humans”].

What then is the difference between Dawkins the Jackal and Bin Laden the bomber?  Both seek a war of terror and never-ending retribution.  Both seek to taunt and humiliate their enemies.  Both seek to foment hatred and division.  Bin Laden would seek murder by giving orders, Dawkins would enjoy the perpetuation of mass violence by inciting bigoted show-downs.  There’s no difference in mentality here !

For those who seek to actually KNOW before opening their vast pie-holes, please consider the following:

ISLAM is a Religion of which the Fundamental Precept is MERCY

The Qur’an says:  “I have not sent you (Muhammad) except as a Mercy”, and it is a fact that Islam established the most just and enlightened society in human history. Islam ended centuries of slaughter, infanticide, slavery, and  disgusting forms of misogyny in the Arab world, while Europeans still wore animal skins, fought with clubs, and drug their women around by the hair. Islam brought the end of the brutality and tyranny of the Byzantine and Persian Empires.  That brutality wasn’t re-ignited until the Tax-collecting Landlords of Christian Europe Crusaded into Muslim lands.  That brutality was carried-out for over 200 years, and apparently continues until today !  While the Muslims advanced into Europe to liberate the peasants of Christian Europe from the tyrannies and poverty of feudalism, within the walls of the Islamic Empire was a society of peace, justice, education, medicine, science, philosophy, art, and broadly applied social welfare.  Christians were NOT required to abandon their religion to benefit from the social standards of the Islamic societies !

The Treaty of Hudaybiya:  Toward the end of the Prophet’s Mission, the Muslims had hopes of performing their pilgrimage to Mecca, which was still in the hands of idol-worshipers.  They were met by an army that would not allow their Sacred Rites.  Muhammad entered negotiations, and made numerous concessions to maintain peace.

These are the conditions of Peace between Muhammad, son of Abdullah and Suhayl ibn Amr, the envoy of Mecca. There will be no fighting for ten years. Anyone who wishes to join Muhammad and to enter into any agreement with him is free to do so. Anyone who wishes to join the Quraish (pagan tribes) and to enter into any agreement with them is free to do so. A young man, or one whose father is alive, if he goes to Muhammad without permission from his father or guardian, will be returned to his father or guardian. But if anyone goes to the Quraish, he will not be returned. This year the Muslims will go back without entering Mecca. But next year Muhammed and his followers can enter Mecca, spend three days, perform the tawaaf. During these three, days the Quraish will withdraw to the surrounding hills. When Muhammad and his followers enter into Mecca, they will be unarmed except for sheathed swords.

Within two years, the Quraish of Mecca broke the treaty and attacked the people who were under its protection.  The Muslims exercised their rights to establish justice in the land, and brought an army of 10,000 to Mecca, capturing their own Holy City with minimal fighting.  The treatment of Muhammad toward those who inhabited the city was so full of honor and Mercy that the vast majority embraced Islam.  Even those who had been the bitterest of enemies, having attacked Muhammad and the Muslims many times, converted willingly and became champions of the Islamic faith !

From the 9th century c.e. until now, the scholars of Islam say that the Absolute Law of Islam is that of Mercy.  The over-riding objectives of Islamic Law (Shari’a) are the Preservation of –

Faith    Intellect    Life     Lineage     Material Bounty

So, when a Jackal like Dawkins opens his mouth as wide as the moon and declares Islam a Religion of violence, what can he expect but the contempt of the world’s Muslim population.

Context of the Muslim World in Recent History

Any half-wit who has studied recent history knows that most of the Muslim world has been devastated by the policies of overt colonization during the 19th and 20th centuries, and the covert colonization of Western-deputed despots since WWII and the enactment of the Zionist Program.  While Western-supported nabobs lavished in luxury and absolute power, their people suffered in deprivation.  Through Western programs of governance, education (indoctrination) and media, their public were pulled away from their Islamic roots, and force-fed variations of Dawkins’ Sacred Secularism.

What we witness today is the reaction toward the tyranny Western policies have imposed on the Islamic world for over 100 years.  The people languish in poverty, illiteracy, and desperation.  The people want their Islamic identity back;  Islam is the religion they want to choose again.  The crisis lies in the difficulty of re-discovering the Enlightened Heritage they know exists, while dealing with the continued meddling of foreign societies in their affairs.

The Taliban and al-Qaeda were NOT born of Islam !  They were given birth through CIA involvement in Afghanistan and Pakistan under Reagan during the 1980’s.  Problems have spread throughout the Caucasus from there.

The US still stands alone as the only nation on earth that politically and materially supports the Great Crime known as the Israeli Occupation.  When you step on the tails of snakes, it’s only reasonable to get bitten on the shin.  Only a bigot with a myopic, one-sided view of the world would ever deny this.

And What of Humanism ?

It’s said in the United States that if the War on Poverty were a real war, then we would actually be putting money into it.  The U.S. will ultimately spend $4-$6 Trillion on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, with 3/4 of that bill coming in the future.  That money would have gone a long way toward building functional economic and education systems in both countries.  However, Building Civilization has never been America’s foreign policy.

The late U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson described what typical American foreign policy is after destroying a country with war:

These things happened. They were glorious and they changed the world…then we fu#@ed up the end-game.

Since our involvement in the 80’s, the U.S. has been directly or indirectly involved in the deaths of well over 2.5 million people in Iran and Iraq.  That doesn’t include Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Timur, Palestine, Uganda, or any of the other overt and covert operations we’ve bloodied our hands with.  Americans may have forgotten these facts, and “intellectual” Jackals like Richard Dawkins may gloss them over in their biased and venomous rhetoric of the day, but Muslims assuredly have no way to forget !  Our people are reminded daily, because the same policies, campaigns, and incursions continue.

And so, rather than doing as most decent people (Muslim, Christian, Jew, and Atheist) do regarding the terrorism issue, namely to get at the roots of the problem and attack it with rational solutions, Dawkins teams-up with the likes of the Tea Party and the EDL to offend the world’s people with vicious absurdities.

A half-blind stuffed-shirt who invests his life examining the trivialities of minuscule material through a microscope, then receives Royal Crowns for it, would probably develop such a conceited and sociopathic world-view as we see with Dawkins.  But in all fairness, he must be offered his two choices:

Mr. Dawkins:  are you in fact a sociopathic hate-monger, or are you just a test-tube ignoramus who is incapable of viewing the Big Picture of the Human Circumstance?


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