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The Three Jihads of Muhajireen and Ansaar

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The first job of a Muslim is to open the doors of Islam for humanity.  This was the first order from Allah to His Messenger.  To do this, we must have intelligent and useful communities.  Yet most of the talk about Islam does not lead to these objectives, and Muslims wander towards the grave having never even worked for their purpose.

Years ago, I heard an Elder say “Many people talk about Islam, yet talking about Islam is not da’wa.  Da’wa is calling people to that which is Certain, and calling them to take action to prepare themselves.”

In our social gatherings, in the Masajid, even in the Friday sermons, the pleasant talk we hear about Islam typically reiterates the minor details of Deen.  Masjid programs are like never-ending preschool from which the congregation never graduates.  And the overall purpose is lost and forgotten; the efforts and objectives of Rasulullah and the Sahabah are never revived.  Why?  Because Muslims don’t accept that responsibility of Deen falls on everyone, and it requires effort and sacrifice.

What does one do with an automobile that has a nice paint-job but no engine or transmission?  Such a thing would belong either in the repair shop, or the junkyard.  And for Muslims who have so entirely forgotten their purpose, where else do they belong but under the feet of their enemies?  How could Allah’s Mercy be any greater than to humiliate them and subject them to scourges for having forgotten the entire purpose of their existence ?  Why have their societies collapsed into chaos?  Because they have neglected the responsibility to maintain functional society.

In the above-quoted verse (Qur’an 9:100), Allah tells us:

And the earliest forerunners [in the faith] among the Muhajireen and the Ansaar and those who followed them in the best way – Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Him, and He has prepared for them gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide forever. That is the great success.

When we look at the life of Rasulullah  and the Sahabah, their efforts in Mecca, and then in Medina, it becomes clear that there were three overshadowing objectives they were seeking:

  1. To do whatever was required to open the doors of Islam for humanity, both near and far, both during their lives and until the end of time.
  2. To build a tightly-integrated, self-sufficient, fully-functioning community in which all people were secure in their Deen, their Lives, their Intellect, their Children, and their Wealth.
  3. To work diligently toward their self-rectification through complete submission to the Orders of Allah and the Perfect Sunnah.

It isn’t hard to count to 3, so hopefully the Muslims will remember these:  1)  Open the doors of Islam, 2)  build functional community, 3)  rectify myself.  The entirety of Islam wrapped into 3 short phrases.

The strength Madinah provided to Rasulullah and his Sahabah was what they were seeking when they left Mecca.  It was what enabled them to press forward in accomplishing the spread of Islam.  And Allah rewarded their struggles by giving them what they were seeking, in this life and the next.

And what they established in Madinah was so dear to Allah, so completely aligned with Allah’s intended Design for humanity, that Allah spread Islam like a tsunami with Madinah at its epicenter.  Allah announced in His Book that He was pleased with what they had done, and that He would award them His Paradise.  And until today, people read the details of the ‘Amaal established there, but have forgotten the overall purpose !

So, the next time you hear a talk about Islam, ask yourself, and the one talking, how that talk leads people to the fulfillment of these 3 objectives, the 3 Jihads of Madinah.  Keep reminding yourself of these 3, keep aligning your life’s effort to their establishment.  And call every Muslim to stop wasting time and do the same.  May Allah accept your Da’wa, and your Jihad.

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