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The Use of Hadeeth in Islam – for Converts

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Also, explain the need for hadeeth commentaries by the Fuqaha, like Fath il-Bari and Sharh Sahih Muslim.

Ta’jîl al-Manfa’ah by Hâfiz Ibn Hajar: This book is confined to the introductions of the narrators whose traditions are found in the books of the four Imâms: Mâlik, Abu Hanîfah, Shâfi’i, and Ahmad ibn Hanbal, and are not among the narrators of the Six Books. Thus, it contains the introduction of 1,732 narrators.

Al-Hasan al-Basri narrated that while the Companion ‘Imran ibn Husayn was relating hadiths from the Prophet — Allah bless and greet him –, a man said to him: “O Abu Nujayd! Talk to us from the Qur’an.” Whereupon ‘Imran said to him: “You and your friends all read the Qur’an, so can you tell me about the salat, what it contains specifically and what its features are? Can you tell me in what consists the zakat for gold? camels? cows? the different types of goods? No. But I witnessed it, and you were not there.” Then he said: “Allah’s Messenger — Allah bless and greet him — imposed upon us such-and-such in the zakat etc.” The man said: “You have given me new life, may Allah give you new life also!” Al-Hasan said: “This man did not die before he had become one of the authoritative jurists of the Muslims.”2

Imâm al-Shâfi`î said: “You [the scholars of hadîth] are the pharmacists but we [the jurists] are the physicians.” Mullâ `Alî al-Qârî commented: “The early scholars said: The hadîth scholar without knowledge of fiqh is like a seller of drugs who is no physician: he has them but he does not know what to do with them; and the fiqh scholar without knowledge of hadîth is like a physician without drugs: he knows what constitutes a remedy, but does not have it available.”1

  1. Al-Qârî, Mu`taqad Abî Hanîfata al-Imâm fî Abaway al-Rasûl `Alayhi al-Salât wa al-Salâm (p. 42).



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