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BICOM and the peace process façade

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BICOM and the peace process façade

BICOM and the peace process façade

By Hilary Aked, Tom Mills, David Miller and Tom Griffin

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Renewed \’peace talks\’ between Israeli and the Palestinian Authority officials have quietly been going on behind closed doors and a US-imposed media blackout for three months now. Like all previous such exercises they will almost certainly break down without delivering justice or bringing peace.

Even though the Palestine Papers made it clear that the leaders of the PA, a creation of the Oslo process, have offered huge concessions in past rounds of talks, pro-Israel commentators are nonetheless pre-emptively rehearsing their arguments to blame the Palestinian side and obfuscate the fundamental longstanding issue: Israeli intransigence. A key – though little known – organisation engaged in this activity in British political circles is BICOM, the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre.

\’BICOM: Giving peace a chance?\’, a new report published by Spinwatch, subjects this organisation to detailed scrutiny for the first time. It concludes that BICOM, like Israel itself, seeks to maintain the façade of progress towards peace, but in practice exhibits deep disdain for international law.

Full Report in PDF format –    BICOM:  Giving Peace a Chance?



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