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The REAL Welfare Queens – American Corporations

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Real Welfare Queens - Chart

Suspected fraud by the “mooching” poor is less than 1% of corporate tax evasion !

Beyond the $600 Billion taxpayers donate to the defense industry annually, the massive donations we make for energy and our new KGB surveillance industry (the NSA), and after shelling out to the most expensive and least efficient medical system on planet earth, we get to donate more of our hard-earned money to support the cigar-smoking corporate fatso.

As a matter of fact, the average American family pays over $6,000 annually for corporate welfare, and to cover what doesn’t get paid by the tax-evading rich.

After we donate to support the Big Agriculture industry, we also donate our tax money to Walmart and McDonald’s.  These are two of the companies who don’t pay their working employees enough to live on.   So, they help their employees file for public benefits to compensate for what the shareholders refuse to pay.

So, it’s obvious that to reduce the deficit, we HAVE to cut education.  We need to make sure future generations are stupid enough to keep doing what we’re doing.






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