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The United States of Zionism – Wealth, Corporations, and Policy

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Several efforts, like BDS and WhoProfits.org, expose the connection between American commerce and support for Israel.  In this brief post, I will present two of the major organizations that actively destroy human existence in the U.S., and their connections to Israel and pro-Zionism.

In 1973, a conservative insider named Paul Weyrich, founded two very significant organizations:

  1. The Heritage Foundation:  a conservative think-tank comprised largely of Zionist neoconservatives.  Connected to Islamophobia through Frank Gaffney and Brigitte Gabriel, among others.  The Heritage Foundation is the largest and most influential “conservative” think-tank in America.   “The Heritage Foundation will continue to be a key element in the phalanx of rightist groups with an agenda of austerity for the poor, hostility to minorities and women, upward distribution of wealth for the rich, economic domination of the Third World, with repression and bloodletting for those who rebel.” – Russ Bellant, The Coors Connection, 1991 – See more at: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/heritage-foundation
  2. ALEC (The American Legislative Exchange Council):  over 300 US corporations that meet annually with Republican representatives (whom they fund into office) to hand-over the legislation they want passed.  Such legislation includes:
    1. Islamophobia bills (anti-Sharia laws)
    2. Union busting
    3. Rolling-back environmental protection
    4. Monopolizing the public education system
    5. Privatizing prisons
    6. “Tort-reform”(freeing corporations, doctors, hospitals, etc. from financial or criminal liability for fraud, negligence, and malpractice)
  3. The “Moral Majority” – formerly represented by Jerry Falwell, this organization has since expanded into dozens or hundreds of right-wing “christian” organizations.

So, with the existence of such organizations in the United States, we exist under the tyranny of a tiny band of extremely wealthy people who manipulate our political system in their favor, and against us.  Through these organizations, you can witness the alliance between Zionists and their policies, the defense industry, Big Oil, construction companies like Halliburton, banks and investment institutions, government representatives, the Media, the church, the synagogue, Israeli violence in Palestine, and cop violence in America.  It’s all connected through the organized collusion of evil-minded people.

For example:   The Koch Brothers (Charles and David Koch) – who inherited billions from their father Fred Koch, have been charged and convicted for over 50,000 cases of fraud, and have committed cases of homicide by negligence, have never spent a day in jail, or paid properly for their fraud.  They are also major donors to The Hudson Institute, a major player in American Zionism, Heritage Foundation donors, TEA Party donors, and members of ALEC.  It was reported in CounterPunch that the Kochs also funded the Islamophobic film “Radical Islam’s War against the West“.

It’s for this reason that many of today’s activists take action on many fronts:  environment, anti-corporatism, political corruption, Wall Street fraud, Wars for Profits, and Zionism.  Exposing any link in the chain of evil will eventually reveal the entire noose that’s held around the necks of humanity.  One can find many members of ALEC who are also on the boycott and divest lists as being pro-Zionist.


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