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Boycott Sabra & Tribe Hummus

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Don't Dip Into Apartheid

First of all, hummus is a  food with documented origins in the Muslim world, not Israel.  Of course, Israelis that would steal peoples land, homes, and lives, would have no problem with stealing their culture and turning it into a profitable venture for themselves.  They have no morals beyond the common etiquette between hyenas.

But these brands of hummas, Sabra and Tribe(Mediterranean), are connected to death, murder, and genocidal policy by Israeli owners, and the Israeli military.

In this story, an American worker was ground-up in a hummus grinder while working for Tribe in Massachusetts.  In this story is a long history of negligence and illegitimacy by the Israeli owners.


In the following article, learn about the connection between Sabra and Tribe, sold at your local grocery story, support for the Israeli atrocities carried-out against the Palestinian people, and the outstanding boycott (BDS) against both companies.




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