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How to Stop or Cure Hiccups – Relax Yourself

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When Hiccups occur, you notice pain and discomfort in your throat, chest, and abdomen.  Don’t be confused.  The problem is actually in your abdomen, and it’s muscular in nature.

A hiccup is an involuntary contraction, more rapid than normal, of your diaphragm.  Your diaphragm is the thin muscle between your lungs and stomach that enable proper breathing.

People have thought of 100 ways to distract themselves when they have hiccups, like hanging upside down and drinking a glass of water while smoking a cigarette and counting backwards from exactly 49,163.  It’s hogwash and only works when a certain thing also happens:  the distraction causes the person to relax.

Since a hiccup is a fuccup of the diaphragm activity, basically a muscle spasm, the eventual remedy is to fully relax the twitching muscles involved.    Block things out of thought and conversation, think inside your body, take slow and deep abdominal breaths, and RELAX yourself, particularly from your shoulders to your waist, and relax yourself mentally as well.  You should notice the time between hiccups increasing, and within a few, going away entirely.  After that, keep on chillin’.

Don’t forget to say ALHAMDULILLAH when they’re gone.


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