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The Economic Roots of Today’s Issues

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Hands holding sapling in soil
Economics is how people live.  It’s how food travels from planted seed to your stomach.  It’s how you decide to take a job or decline.  It’s whether or not you can afford your own home, medical care, a retirement plan.  It’s what kind of education your children will receive, and what hope they will have for their own futures.  Economics pertains to 90% of public policy, legislation, and political debate.  Economic realities are the heart of today’s issues, our protests, our problems, and our wars.  The conflicts that have killed nearly 200 Million people in the last century have economics as their primary cause.  Evaluating, judging, or voting on public matters without understanding economics is like throwing darts while not only blindfolded, but drunk as well.  And it will require a mass movement toward economic responsibility to salvage humanity and our planet, to avoid destroying everything our children will inherit.

This is not an exhaustive essay.  I know most people today are too busy to read an article beyond the 3 minute scale.  I only hope I can draw your attention, and your human affection, long enough to drive home a few points.  Mainstream discussion of economics in America is like a poker game where each player has the same cards.  That’s part of the failing of our system, part of why we are where we are:  in deep shit.  The history of the US since WWII, if not before, is one massive lie.  Our country has killed 30 Million people in this time, not because they ever threatened us, the American people.  We killed 30 Million human beings in nearly 50 conflicts or covert operations because those people had decided upon autonomy.  They had made decisions to establish economic and social rules that gave them a viable alternative to, the option for them to live free from, Anglo-capitalism.  And to exemplify how extensively powerful Anglo-capitalism is, consider one fact:  whereas most of the countries of Europe have multiple political parties to which one may subscribe, the US does not really have even two political parties denoted as “Republican” and “Democrat”.  There is nothing republican or democratic about the US anymore.  We have one party:  the radical, psychopathic, homicidal and genocidal oligarchy of Anglo-capitalism.  All opposition has been eliminated.  All discussion has been silenced.  All education has been converted to indoctrination.  We are a controlled society leading humanity to self-annihilation.

To demonstrate this, one of my favorite examples is the group of Freshmen BA students that walked out of Harvard in 2011 and joined the Occupy Movement.  The movement had begun at the same time their Fall classes commenced.  When they noticed their $40K/year education beginning with the same Supply and Demand curves of the typical junior-college Econ 101 classes, they knew their education system had been sabotaged.  And this is a fact.  Harvard was employing insiders of the Fed, and former Wall Street gangsters who had actually been indicted for fraud in prosecutions that arose from the S&L scandals of the 80’s and 90’s.  What pissed these conscientious students off:  the fact that their high-dollar “education” was not beginning with the critiques of capitalism, or any other useful critical-thinking tool that liberal-arts education used to offer.  Rather, their textbooks and professors jumped right in to programming the students for “success” as managers in corporate America !  When Wall Street convicts are teaching their methods to America’s youth, in the best of our institutions, we are a controlled society, and criminals are waging war against the vastness of humanity.  Capitalists don’t want Americans who can think critically.  They don’t want Vietnamese, Timorese, Nicaraguan, Guatemalans, Chileans, Ukrainians, or any people of The Middle East or Africa to consider any option to what they offer.  They’ve killed countless people to seal-off all other prospects.

The matters I hope to call your attention to, the basic realities that capitalists don’t want to be challenged on, the roots of our political direction both domestically and globally, are as follows:

  1. Capitalism IS flawed, believe it or not !
  2. Capitalism promotes perpetual rule by those who inherit wealth
  3. Capitalism rewards the cut-throat psychopath by allowing their ascendancy to positions of influence (institutional Darwinism)
  4. Influence comes in different forms:  ideal and intellectual (which the capitalist seeks to squash), the power of people (whom the capitalist has waged war upon), and the power of accumulated wealth (which is the only leg the capitalist stands on)
  5. Capitalism only exists and perpetuates by the exploitation of working humans
  6. Capitalism, by its own laws, will rape and destroy the planet in the most expedient manner possible
  7. Capitalism subjugates human intellect, art, skill, and emotion, turning individuals and all of society away from expansive potential, toward mutual destruction
  8. Anglo-capitalism has moved beyond the US and Europe and has worked tirelessly to establish dominance globally.
  9. We have limited time to annihilate this destructive force
  10. There are several options, all options are an improvement, humanity and our planet are salvageable, and we become more evolved humans by accepting the challenge

Regarding Islam and economics, here’s what I’ve gathered so far:

  1. The objectives of Islam are
    1. the preservation of a Divinely-guided way of life and spiritual, humane morality
    2. the preservation of human life and all its requirements
    3. the preservation of intellect and mind-health and all its requirements
    4. the preservation of children and all its requirements
    5. the preservation of material resources and all its requirements
  2. Since economics is a study of human provision, social welfare, and quality of life, it’s a natural part of Islamic study and policy formation
  3. There is evidence in Islam for the concepts of “business market”, fair treatment of workers, publicly-provided welfare to elevate people above poverty and make them into social benefactors, equal distribution of wealth during times of shortage, preventing mass accumulation of wealth, preventing imbalanced and divided classes, the usage of accumulated wealth to promote overall development, and government prerogative in regulating to promote general welfare and remedy crisis
  4. Islam promotes the knowledge of skills while capitalism promotes limited knowledge and limited skills
  5. There are matters in economics that have not been addressed by early/classic sources.  Many things have developed after the early rulings, after the loss of the Islamic empire, and many questions must be re-framed in the current context :
    1. Industrialization is a relatively new phenomenon, and  a very real game changer in terms of production, distribution, work-opportunity, and wealth accumulation
    2. Urbanization, private land ownership and profit-speculation of all existing lands, and the closing of frontiers.
    3. Massive population and the issues of meeting human needs with limited resource availability (resource management)
    4. The social-Darwinist society developed by policy and the capitalist institution
    5. The issue of mass-communication, easily manipulated by moneyed propagandists, and how it should be dealt with
    6. The manipulation of money, digital money, and the impact this has throughout the chain that reaches the lives of every individual



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