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Why the Boycott of Starbucks Must Continue

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Starbucks Howard Schultz ZionismMany people are confused by Starbucks’ and Howard Schultz’s PR campaign denying financial support for Israel.  Howard Schultz is a PR specialist, and Starbucks has a team of PR specialists.  PR commonly means Lying Publicly to hide the reality of someone’s doings.  That’s what PR is for.  Here’s a little bit of the Truth about Starbucks, and their Chairman, Howard Schultz.

Howard Schultz was awarded the “Israel 50th Anniversary Friend of Zion Tribute Award” for promoting the deadly alliance between the US and Israel.  In 2002, Israel’s Foreign Ministry praised him for being key to the country’s long-term PR success, through his provocative speeches accusing Palestinians of terrorism, calling intifada resistance anti-semitism, asking Americans to back Israel against a common enemy, and sponsoring fund raisers for Israeli causes

Here is a fact sheet on Starbucks, Howard Schultz, and the relationship with Israel and Zionism in America:   http://www.inminds.com/boycott-starbucks.html

More facts about Starbucks, Schultz, and other companies.  This one is actually supplied by a radical Zionist organization, Ateret Cohanim, which has been instrumental in settling Jews in the area of Masjid al-‘Aqsa.    http://www.jerusalemchai.org/contents/read.cfm?categoryID=115&cID=1134

This year, there was a news release of a potential investment in SodaStream by Starbucks.  Here’s an article from BDS:   http://www.bdsmovement.net/2014/starbucks-may-face-a-boycott-if-it-partners-with-sodastream-12008

We see the news media presenting Palestinians as the enemies, and presenting Israeli atrocities as being “self-defense”.  Obviously, these are lies.  Yet they happen every day, and have happened every day for decades.  We shouldn’t be confused when we hear more lies from Howard Schultz, denying support for Israel.  He’s a specialist in propagating the lies about Israel and Palestine.

The main aspect of a boycott is not the impact it has on finances.  Starbucks and Caterpillar will likely survive the boycott.  The main aspect of a boycott is to generate honest and truthful discussion across nations.  So, there is sense in maintaining the boycott targeting Starbucks:  Starbucks is an iconic image in America and much of the world.  Most people don’t give a damn about Caterpillar, because we don’t buy bulldozers.  But we buy coffee all the time.  So, the boycott offers the opportunity to generate more public dialog on the crimes of Israel, and the suffering of the Palestinians.

Many people in the US have set up al-Qaeda as the icons of Islam, which is a lie.  Yet, they are able to generate fear and hatred toward Muslims using their dialog around the false icon of al-Qaeda.  That’s the significance of having an icon.  Starbucks is NOT a false icon.  Their chairman has supported Israel and American Zionism for decades, and continues to do so.

THERE SHOULD BE NO PULLING BACK FROM A STARBUCKS BOYCOTT !  If we change our dialog and state:  “I boycott Starbucks, and you should too, because their Chairman Howard Schultz is a long-time promoter of American support for Israel’s crimes”, then you have made a truthful and powerful statement.

You can also add “I boycott Starbucks, and I donate my coffee money to help the victims of Israel’s genocide.”



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