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Ship, Captain, and Rudder

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To speak publicly that a log-jam departs Buenos Aires and arrives in Tripoli as a fully built ship, with no captain but billions of crewmen would be so absurd that one would never escape the ridicule. For certain, Allah is the Guide of all Ships.

Our Beloved Prophet lost his dear father while he was too young to remember, and his kind mother a few years after that. In a harsh and hardened environment of paganism and cruel warfare, the Beloved was preserved to adulthood, and later Prophethood, despite all the surrounding conditions. He passed through the storms of ostracism, persecution, and multiple attempted murders, to establish the greatest civilization that humanity has ever enjoyed.

And against the rock-hard Truth of the civilization he built, numerous empires have been broken. The Persians, Byzantine Romans, Mongols, European Empires, and now the Capitalist Empire; all have fallen, broken against the cliffs of God’s Mercy, setting humanity free to fly to their Creator, for over 1400 years.

Countless, Countless human souls have arrived safely at the Doors of their Lord, riding an enormous ship, with a single Captain and a single Rudder, both of whom never fail.

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