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One God – One System: the Mandate for Muslims to Reject Kufr and Become Muslims

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Comparing and contrasting the philosophy, objective, methods, and spheres of Islam versus Capitalism.

This is the challenge of our time;  to help human beings, including the vast majority of Muslims, see through the fog and falsehood of the Capitalist Empire.  It requires the struggle of mental and verbal argumentation in order to replace the mistaken, disbelieving assumptions we have been saturated with.  Once we recognize the falsehood of our current philosophies and methods, the Truth can return to enlighten our minds, words, actions, and our society.

When enough people have replaced their Lies with Truth, it may be possible to overthrow the Profit Empire, and replace it with the natural and elevated state of Created Beings, allowing the perpetuation of humanity and our earthly stopover, until the time arrives when the Almighty sees fit to end it.

  1. God – Creator or Profit
  2. Human Conscience and Ethics – a humane conscience, or amorality.
  3. Objectives and Actions – Real objectives, dictated by the Creator, or the daily drive to subjugate all existence to the Profit Maxims.
  4. Family and Society – healthy, productive, and happy, or downtrodden, miserable, and destroyed.
  5. Culture and Happiness – organic human culture, or the forced culture of the Profit Temple.
  6. End Results – “Verily, your ends are quite diverse.”  Quran 92:4

One God One System


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