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Here, I have compiled a list of my documented musings and ramblings.  I hope that someone  may find them of use.

The 3 Divine Objectives (Maqasid) of the Efforts of Mumineen

Fear and Hate: the Tools of the Mind Controller

The Purpose of Self-Sacrifice in Islam

The LItany of Sustenance (Dua’a for Increased Rizq and other Good Things)

The Litany of the Sea ( POWERFUL dua’a and Dhikr )

Language:  Transcendency versus Literalism

Imam Ghazali on Sufism and the Reality of Spiritual Inspiration

Money in Islam ( and without Islam )

Combining Fiqh and Hadith:  The Traditional Understanding

The Lies and Misguidance of Those Who Say “Quran Only” (Quraniyoon, Quranists)

A Gift of Honesty for Sajid Abdul Kayum

The Permissibility of Seeking Tawassul (asking Allah’s Help through the Intercession of Rasulullah)

Jalaluddin Rumi – America’s Best-selling Poet

Muzzling Dawkins the Jackal who Barked the Lie of Violence Against the Religion of Mercy

Defunct Texas School System Investigated for “Islam Bias”

Who is Act! for America :  Brigitte Gabriel a.k.a. Nour Saman


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